Support Somaliland: Have your name mentioned in the credits of our film!

1.5 weeks ago, we started our big crowdfunding-campaign for the film „Unrecognized – We are Somalilanders„. Since then, we have already collected more than 2.000 €. The thing is: We need 10.000 – and not one € less, or we won’t get even one Cent from the platform (this is their policy).

To make sure we have interesting offers for our supporters, we set up a broad collection of 12 goodies from which you can chose. Today we want to present you a special goodie for everyone who wants to support our film, Somaliland – and who always wanted to read his or her name at the end of a film 😉

If you click HERE, you will be directed to our crowdfunding-website and to our offer: For only 50€ your name will be mentioned at the end of the film, you will become a „special supporter“, and everyone who sees the film will be able to read your name in the film’s credits!

Last but not least: Besides becoming famous 😉 , you can support our project, and bring us one step closer to realize our goal, to finish our film and to carry the story of the Somalilanders into the world!

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