„Unrecognized“: A film about Somaliland – Support our crowdfunding!

As mentioned before, our film is a low-budget-project, until now and over the last months we have worked basically without any payment. But not just we, the core team behind „Unrecognized“, also our post-production-team which will bring the film in the final form can’t work without money in the long run: Editing, color grading, marketing, sound design, music….all those things cost money – and that’s why we decided to start a big crowdfunding campaign in order to find supporters around the world who are willing to help us out with our project.

The campaign was launched last Friday – after our great kick-off-event one day earlier in Vienna.

impressions from our kick-off-event on 11.4.

We decided to use the crowdfunding-platform Startnext for our project, as it has the best conditions and is easy to handle. You can check out our campaign here: www.startnext/somaliland-film

You might notice – especially if you are an international supporter or even from Somaliland – that everything is in German – except our video. That’s why you can find the basic infos on our project also here on our website. As well, the „goodies“ on the right side are described in German and English. So we made sure that EVERYONE from around the world who wants to support us has the opportunity to! Just chose the goodie you would like to receive, from postcards to download links of the film, from a special VIP-package to tickets for the premiere and even your name in the credits. If you are a company owner, you can also be on board as a special sponsor for the project (Your company will be promoted in the film).

If you have problems using the website to send money, we set up an own PayPal-account that can be reached from everywhere, and which can also be used to donate money. The adress is somaliland-film@outlook.com. You can send money to that adress from everywhere around the world, and support our project!

The final goal for our crowdfunding are 10.000€. Until now we have collected a bit more than 2.000€, that means we need many more supporters: Because if we dont reach the 10.000, we dont get anything – and our film can’t be realised.

We ask you kindly for your support, every € / $ will help us to come closer to achieving our goal: To tell the story of the Somalilanders and an amazing country that needs to be recognized in the world!

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